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In my design school teaching, I always encourage (and sometimes require) my students to do a 100-day sketchbook project. The power of doing something for 100 days will change you, somehow. Some people discover a tenacity they never knew they had, some people find a new style to work in, and some people just feel really glad to be done. 


I’m also a fan of making myself do my own assignments. Starting in December 2019. I drew a monster each day for 100 days. This project surprised me sometimes. Where did these characters come from? Are these creatures just hiding in my brain waiting to be brought to life? I honestly don’t know. But I was delighted and surprised each time I met one. 


The project led me from a pre-pandemic life through the first weeks of the lockdown here in the US, which makes the project even more special to me. Looking back, it reminds me how quickly things can change and how glad I am that I took the time each day to stretch in this way.

You can see the whole set on Instagram and buy a mug with some of my favorites at the shop. 

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