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For two seasons Michael Buchino and I did all the poster art for Book-It Repertory Theatre, under our studio name Many of these posters garnered acclaim in The Society of Illustrators shows and annuals and in American Illustration / American Photography. 


Book-It adapts literature for the stage. We would start by reading all the books they were adapting for their season, then and have hours-long book club style chats before we got to work on the visuals. One of us would start, then toss the file to the other person who would mess it up (change/add to it). We would go back and forth like this until the poster was done. It was fun to see this third style emerge - not completely mine or his but a cool combo of our styles.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - working with theatre people is never boring. And working with Buchino is never boring, so these seasons were always some of my favorite freelance gigs.

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