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For two seasons my design BFF Michael Buchino and I did all the poster art for Book-It Repertory Theatre, under our studio name, Many of these posters garnered acclaim in The Society of Illustrator shows and annuals and in American Illustration / American Photography. 


Book-It adapts literature for the stage. Buchino and I would start by reading allll the books, and would have nerdy book-chats before we got to work on the visuals. One of us would start, then toss the file to the other person who would mess it up (change/add to it). We would go back and forth like this until the poster was done. It was fun to see this third style emerge - not completely mine or his but a cool combo of our styles. (Buchnio wrote about the process at length here).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - working with theatre people is never boring. And working with Buchino is never boring, so these seasons were always some of my favorite freelance gigs.

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