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For the May the 4th Poster Show, a benefit for Regala un Libro CLN in Culiacán, Mexico. The show was organized by the unstoppable illustrator Choper Nawers. I was honored to illustrate Samuel L. Jackson and his purple lightsaber. My poster was featured on Nice Fucking Graphics.

Choper reached out to me as a complete stranger via Instagram and asked me to be in the show. It sounded fun and it was for a good cause so I figured,why the hell not? I made the poster and sent him the file, and a few weeks later he sent me a bunch of photos of the poster all framed up and hanging in a gallery in Mexico, a place I've never even been. We've been pen-pals ever since.

The poster itself was a huge breakthrough. I had been working on softening up my shapes, adding more motion to my subjects, while still playing with texture and layering like a good old screenprint. This is hanging in my studio, as It makes me incredibly happy and reminds me that breakthroughs can happen when you just take a leap. I recently found out that Choper has this poster hanging in his studio, too. 

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