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I got to be part of 69 Valentines: A Visual Tribute to the Magnetic Fields at Land Gallery, Portland Oregon. The show celebrated both Valentine’s Day and the Magnetic Fields sixth album, 69 Love Songs.


69 artists were asked to interpret one of the songs from the three-volume, 69 track tome. I was assigned the song I Can’t Touch You Anymore.


I wasn’t familiar with this song when I got it (my husband is really the Magnetic Fields fan in our house) but I really liked the bouncy yet sad synth in the song and wanted the colors reflect the bright and layered moments in this otherwise bummer of a love song. 


You wanna tell me 50 ways you've left your lovers

You wanna tell me how you've loved 200 others

You're asking the wrong questions

You're opening the wrong doors

I love you, I can't touch you anymore..


Listen to the song here.

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